Definition: A casement window is one where all 
or part of a window opens outwards - this opening 
area is known as the sash. 
There are several variations of casement window. 
A Rated Windows 
as Standard 
20 Year Sealed Unit 
All our Windows are Fully Reinforced with Box Section Galvanised Steel 
top light casement upvc window
side hung casement upvc window
top hung casement upvc window
Top Light 
Hinges run across the top of the sash and a small area at the top opens outwards - this is known as a Top Light 
Side Hung 
If the window hinges run vertically down the side so the full sash opens from one side this is known as a Side Hung. 
Top Hung 
Similar to a Top Light but with the entire sash opening outwards - this is known as a Top Hung. 
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